Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water Services

Adding solar hot water to your home or business essentially allows you to use the sun as your hot water heater. It can replace approximately 66% to 96% of your water heating costs and has the fastest payback of any solar system! Our systems are functional year round and can further improve your return on investment if you are already needing to replace your existing tank.

How it Works

Solar Water Heating systems include a storage tank(s), solar collectors, a controller, and a pump.  They may also include a heat exchanger and other necessary plumbing parts for a safe and efficient system. In Missouri, our systems are freeze protected and come in either a closed-loop system or a drain-back system. Solar water heating systems, with the exception of solar pool heating, always have a backup way to heat water.  This ensures that regardless of the available sunlight there is always hot water.

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