Utility Rebates

Some utility companies offer a rebate just for you to go solar. These rebates are not guaranteed to be around for much longer. It is important to use these incentives while they are still available. The following utility companies offer $500 per kW for installing solar:

  • Kansas City Power & Light
  • Empire District
  • Columbia Water & Light
Federal Tax Credit
REAP Grants

All solar customers are eligible for a federal tax credit. The government will credit you up to 30% of your solar contract price towards your taxes owed. This amount can be redeemed in one year or redeemed over following years.

Do you own a business in a rural area? You may be in a REAP eligible area. REAP Grants award you 25% of your solar contract price. Missouri Solar Applications will assist you every step of the way in the completing all necessary paperwork and registration to make that possible.

All businesses that purchase and install a solar system on their facility will be able to depreciate the total cost of their system as a normal business expense over five years.

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