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Residential Solar

Sick of your pesky electric bill? Going solar has a multitude of benefits. It’s good for the earth, and good for your wallet.

Commercial Solar

Are you looking to cut overhead and invest in your own business? Our solar systems take advantage of incredible incentives to drive up your ROI.

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Lower your electric bill with help from Missouri Solar Applications, your source for cost-effective solar energy systems and energy efficient improvements in the state of Missouri. We empower our clients with solar electric power and solar heating systems that reduce reliance on less sustainable fossil fuels and leads the way to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Thanks to a historic clean energy ballot initiative, Missouri Solar Applications can install a solar electric system on your home or business economically and generate free electric energy.


How We Work

The purchasing of a solar system, whether it is a solar electric system or a solar hot water heater, can be a confusing and complicated process. Over the years we have developed a 4-step process to make the purchase and installation easier to understand.


The first step is to speak to a Missouri Solar Applications representative to see if solar energy is right for you. We will discuss your expectations of a solar system and review options. If you are interested in financing or leasing, this is a good time to begin reviewing those options. You can call us or fill out our contact form.

Site Visit

Every solar installation is unique because of many factors. An on-site visit is necessary to make certain every variable is accounted for prior to the design of your new solar system. The most important piece of information from this phase is sun access. A thorough site evaluation is critical for a successful design.

Project Design

From the site visit and the drawings (for new construction) our engineers will analyze the collected information. After determining the constraints and attributes of the site, we will be able to match that data with hardware components that will maximize the energy output and efficiency of your new solar system.

System Installation

Once your custom solar system is fully designed, our technicians will begin the construction process on site. Whether your location called for a simple or complex system, whether you have shade trees or an unusual roof, our technicians have seen it all. They bring with them years of experience and excellence to ensure your solar system is built to last.


Residential Solar

You own your home, but you rent your electricity. Why is that? We empower our customers through electricity ownership. You can save thousands every year simply by owning, rather than renting, your electricity supply. Take control of your own electricity generation with Missouri Solar Applications.

Our Recent Work

Missouri Solar Applications was founded in 2008. Since then, we have been providing solar and energy saving solutions to homes, farms, and businesses all over Missouri and surrounding states. We work with home owners and business owners to give them control over their own electricity.

Going Solar Isn't Just About Going Green.

It's Also About Saving Green!

We pride ourselves on building true assets for farmers, home owners and business owners.


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Commercial Solar

Missouri Solar Applications specializes in helping local Missouri businesses save money by switching to solar energy. We are headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri and have consultants located in major cities state-wide to provides solar energy solutions to businesses across the state

Legends Bank, Jefferson City Missouri



Federal Tax Credit

All solar customers are eligible for a federal 30% tax credit. The government will credit you up to 30% of your solar contract price towards your taxes owed. This amount can be redeemed in one year, applied to the year prior, or redeemed over following years.

REAP Grants

Are you in the agricultural industry or own a small business? You may be qualified for the REAP Grant. REAP Grants award up 50% of your solar contract price. Missouri Solar Applications will assist you every step of the way in the completing all necessary paperwork and registration to make that possible.


All businesses that purchase and install a solar system on their facility will be able to depreciate the total cost of their system. Currently bonus depreciation allows you to take 80% of your depreciation in the first year.


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