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Heat your water with solar. Save your water bill, utilize those incentives and make an investment that will last a lifetime.

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Sick of your pesky electric bill? Going solar has a multitude of benefits. It’s good for the earth, and good for your wallet.

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Are you looking for a cost effective solution to power your home for emergencies or off-grid power? No need to look further.

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Take Control of Your Energy Future

With Missouri Solar Applications

Lower your electric bill with help from Missouri Solar Applications, your source for cost-effective solar energy systems and energy efficient improvements in the state of Missouri. We empower our clients with solar electric power and solar heating systems that reduce reliance on less sustainable fossil fuels and leads the way to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Thanks to a historic clean energy ballot initiative, Missouri Solar Applications can install a solar electric system on your home or business economically and generate free electric energy.

Dramatically Reduce Your Utility Bills with State-of-the-Art Solar Panels

The Missouri Solar
Applications Difference

Missouri Solar Applications is a full service solar energy and energy efficiency company. Our engineers and certified professionals design and install your energy system to the highest standards.

MSA’s Capabilities Include:

Site evaluation for selection of the optimum energy saving solution for your property.

Capable of arranging leases for clients who do not want to own their energy system.

Extensive knowledge of and experience with federal tax credits for PV,  tax savings from accelerated depreciation, utility incentives and energy financing.

In house design and engineering  drawings with PE (Professional Engineer) seal for utility, city, and county officials.

The Missouri Solar Applications Installation Team are highly trained, NABCEP Certified Professionals.

Words from our Energy Smart Clients

In short, our only real disappointment about our solar system is that we didn't have the roof capacity to install a bigger system. We are enthusiastic recommenders of solar power and Missouri Solar Applications.

KenSIZE: 2.75kW - TYPE: Roof –Mounted Residential System

Our project came in on time and slightly under budget, which resulted in a pleasant surprise on our investment return. The system was commissioned in May of this year, has performed extremely well, and is producing energy at levels projected at project inception. We are delighted in the performance of the system and are especially pleased with the performance of Jason, Vaughn, Steve, and all the crew at MSA. We would recommend them highly.

John BartosSIZE: 150kW - TYPE: Ground Mounted Small Utility-Scale System

A consultant met with us at our home and proposed a solar system that would meet almost all of our electric needs. To my husband and me, it was important to offset our energy usage as much as possible. In deciding to contract with Missouri Solar Applications (MSA), we felt comfortable in the fact that a licensed Professional Engineer and a Certified PV Installer would supervise the design and construction of our solar electric system.

Wendy V.SIZE: 4.0KW - TYPE: Roof-Mounted Residential System

When my wife first considered solar panels for our St. Charles home, we, like most people, had a general idea of the concept, but there was much we didn't know. Missouri Solar Applications/Certified Solar Solutions (MSA/CSS) was able to "fil in the blanks," thoroughly explaining the entire process – design, permits, installation, tax credits, Ameren's Missouri Rebate, Solar Renewable Energy Credits. I particularly appreciated MSA/CSS's approach as the engineers that they are.

Keith BoydSIZE: 8.3kW - TYPE: Roof-Mounted Residential System

Missouri Solar Applications
Four Step Process

The purchasing of a solar system, whether it is a solar electric system or a solar hot water heater, can be a confusing and complicated process. Over the years we have developed a 4 step process to make the purchase and installation easier to understand.


The first step is to speak to a Missouri Solar Applications representative to see if solar energy is right for you. We will discuss your expectations of a solar system and review options. If you are interested in financing or leasing, this is a good time to begin reviewing those options. You can call us or fill out our contact form.

Site Visit

Every solar installation is unique because of many factors. An on-site visit is necessary to make certain every variable is accounted for prior to the design of your new solar system. The most important piece of information from this phase is sun access. A thorough site evaluation is critical for a successful design.

System Design

From the site visit and the drawings (for new construction) our engineers will analyze the collected information. After determining the constraints and attributes of the site, we will be able to match that data with hardware components that will maximize the energy output and efficiency of your new solar system.


Once we obtain the necessary permits and assemble your customized solar components, installation begins. We will not overlook any detail during the installation of the new solar energy system. Our installation technicians are the most highly trained in the field. We are not done until you are absolutely satisfied.